Elevating Literacy

Since 1998.

Our Vision: Developing a Literate Society

Who we are

The Reading Association of Uganda (RAU) is a constituent body of the International Literacy Association operating in Uganda. Out of realization that the Ugandan reading culture had been nose diving, some concerned literacy professionals took the lead in mobilizing others to address this problem; thus, the birth of the Reading Association of Uganda in 1998.

Our Mission

Promoting literacy at all levels through encouraging the lifetime reading habit, improving the quality of reading instruction and disseminating research and information about reading.

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These are the foundational values that enable us to achieve our mission.

Our Team

At RAU, our dedicated team is committed to advancing literacy in Uganda through innovative and impactful initiatives. Our diverse and passionate group of individuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to create a dynamic force for change.

Mr. Kiggundu Harrison

Mr. Kiggundu Harrison

Team Lead RAU

Harrison Kiggundu is the Chairperson of the Reading Association of Uganda. He has vast experience in book publishing and child growth and development. He is passionate about children and is an exponent of books as a tool to foster child brain development.

Mrs. Kiberu Annette Mpuga

Mrs. Kiberu Annette Mpuga

Head of Operations RAU

Annette is a dedicated professional with a background in literacy and a strong passion for education. With her experience as a librarian, she brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her work. As one of the former Chairpersons, she has played a pivotal role in shaping RAU's mission and goals.

Ms Loy Tumusiime

Ms Loy Tumusiime

Patron RAU

Loy is a dedicated member of the team and one of the core founders of RAU. Her passion and commitment for the organization's mission has been instrumental in achieving its targets and goals.

Our Partners

Reading Association of Uganda is proud to collaborate with a diverse range of partners dedicated to promoting education and literacy. These partnerships play a crucial role in supporting our mission to enhance literacy rates and empower individuals through knowledge.
Here are some key partners:

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Our Works

Welcome to a realm where words dance off the screen, where stories come alive, and literacy is not just a skill but a journey of enchantment. At RAU, we are weaving a tapestry of transformative works that redefine the landscape of education in Uganda.

Material Development

Material Development

Join us in shaping a future where every learner is equipped with Instructional books developed by Room to Read, NCDC & MOES to explore and learn.

Field Visits

Field Visits

Explore the world of literacy with the RAU through captivating field visits. Immerse yourself in the heart of communities, schools, and libraries, witnessing the power of reading advocacy.

Book Donations

Book Donations

RAU's impactful global book donation initiatives, where we source books from across the globe and distribute them to public, government, and private school libraries, enriching them with diverse literary resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is designed to answer the questions that often flutter in the minds of our valued users. Whether you're curious about navigating our website, understanding our mission, or seeking insights into the magic behind the scenes, you'll find the answers right here.